Jay Smith

Jay Smith from College Boyfriends provides viewers with a really hot video. He introduces himself, we get to know him, and we start to realize he is the epitome of the All-American guy. In these videos, he allows viewers to gawk over his fit body, drool over him undressing, and we start biting our lips as we watch him play with his soft fat penis until it gets hard and much, much thicker.

Jay Smith 1(Gaytube)
Jay Smith 2(Gaytube)


Adam Levine

I came across this old picture of a finely trimmed Adam Levine.
Seeing how this lady can cover his whole penis with one hand,
He must be a grower.
I wonder what his ‘after’ picture would look like.

Growers Not Showers

This is going to be the start of something fantastic.
Thank you for joining me on my adventure.